ARE YOU IN? MAXIMIZING HEALTH & WELLNESSFebruary 10th, 2016 For any athlete the mental game depends on good technical skill development but more important good health. For example, we all know that water plays a critical part...
THE MIND GAMEMarch 5th, 2013 Most athletes believe their game is 50-90% mental and yet they spend less than 5% of training time on mental skills. Why? I have found that many of the athletes,...
HOW CAN ATHLETES BENEFIT FROM MENTAL SKILLS TRAINING?March 3rd, 2013 The world of sports is an interesting one. No matter what level any game is played at, it involves skill in two very different arenas. The obvious is physical...

Mental Game Training



All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is a result of his own thoughts (James Allen)

Welcome to Achievement Strategies, Mental Game Training site!

Here you will find answers to how your mind affects what you do and achieve and more...We've developed key training strategies to equip you with the necessary mind-set to improve performance and overcome barriers to your success. In fact, we believe that the space between your ears (the Mind) holds one of the greatest secrets to achieving excellence in sports for professionals and amateurs alike.

Unfortunately, many athletes and coaches still don’t understand the huge part played by training the mind. In fact, even though many people today have heard of the “mind game” or “mental toughness training” very few in fact do much about it. Yet when I ask players what percentage of success in their sport they attribute to the mind, I usually get an answer anywhere from 50-90%.

Amazing isn’t it? But here is the problem.

When I ask the same athletes how much time they spend on mental training, I usually discover that they are spending far less than 5% of their time on this kind of training. The majority of effort is spent on the technical and physical part of their game. Very little time is spent with mental coaching.

When the majority of players tell me that they believe over 50% of the success in their sport is caused by the mind and yet they spend less than 5% of their time on this area, WHAT GIVES?

Well, I’ve got some answers. You see, the number one reason people don’t spend time on the mental game is that they just don’t know how to practice the mental game. And that is where we come in.

We've developed unique training programs that are designed for amateur and professional alike. Check us out and learn more about this amazing approach to peak performance.


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