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For any athlete the mental game depends on good technical skill development but more important good health. For example, we all know that water plays a critical part in keeping us sharp in competition. Water is the largest component of the body with over 75% of the body being made of water. And were you aware that over 76% of the brain tissue is water. Think about it.

Athletic therapist and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Lindsay Dixon says water is crucial and is the primary regulator of all functions including digestion, circulation, carrying all nutrients to vital body substances, maintaining body temperature and growth and repair of tissues.

The Mind Game

Young athlete imagining the finish

Most athletes believe their game is 50-90% mental and yet they spend less than 5% of training time on mental skills.
I have found that many of the athletes, young or older either don’t know, think it is only for the pros or it is too expensive or just plain spooky. But here is the good news! I have developed an easy to use mental training program that helps to “wire-in” Peak Performance.

My unique program offered through Achievement Strategies provides an easy to learn set of strategies that helps athletes, coaches and teams learn how to “wire-in” peak performance so that it becomes automatic. This program is not only effective, it is:

  • affordable
  • easy to learn
  • adaptable to all sports

A small investment of time leads to enhanced performance. Getting into the zone more often is a reality.

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Stay tuned for my next report on “How athletes can benefit from Mental Skills Training.

How Can Athletes Benefit From Mental Skills Training?

The Marathon

The world of sports is an interesting one. No matter what level any game is played at, it involves skill in two very different arenas.

The obvious is physical ability.

The second, maybe the less obvious, but in many cases more important is mental ability. In my work with all types of athletes, I have consistently found a number of ways that any athlete can benefit from what is called mental skills training. Here are a number of ways that my clients use mental skills training:

  • to improve focus and deal with distractions
  • to grow confidence in practice and game
  • to learn how to deal with setbacks
  • to get a mental edge
  • to reach a state of mind to enter zone-play automatically
  • to deal with “hot buttons” such as anger, “beating yourself up” with negative comments
  • to get out of a slump quickly
  • to transfer practice play to game play
  • to manage stress, anxiety, pressure and distractions
  • to use the mind to get more out of physical talents
  • to accelerate learning – learn new plays or routines faster

Remember that a small amount of time spent on mental training leads to enhanced performance so that getting into the zone more often is a reality! Yes, you can be trained how to get into the zone and game state automatically.

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